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Access to Subscribe to the Mailing List
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Access to Subscribe to the Mailing List
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Access to Subscribe to the Mailing List

Lyris presents several options for controlling who is allowed to join a mailing list.

Your mailing list may be:
* open to anyone who wants to join. Applications to join are automatically approved by Lyris.
* private, so that anyone can apply to join, but all new memberships must be approved by a list administrator
* password-protected, so that only people who know the "new subscriber password" can join, and those that do know it are automatically approved. The password is defined by the list administrator.
* closed, so that only a list administrator can add people to the mailing list.

Furthermore, you may wish to restrict your mailing list to only allow subscription requests performed using the Lyris web interface. For instance, you could put your Lyris web interface on an Internal-access only web server, so that outsiders cannot get to it. This would allow you to have an "open" mailing list, where people in your company could join by getting to the web interface form, but outsiders could not.

Lyris also supports explicit banning of members, and the "reverse banning". The ban member feature would allow you, for instance, to ban someone an employee of a competing company from joining your mailing list.

Reverse banning is a setting in Lyris which allows you to ban everyone except those that match your pattern. An excellent use of this feature is to have a corporate mailing list which is open, so that anyone in your company can join easily and automatically, but that nobody from the outside can join. To do this, you would tell Lyris to ban all addresses not having your corporate domain name on their email address, for example "".

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