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Access to the list archives
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Security Considerations
Security Issues Relating to Members
Access to the list archives
Access to the list of members
Access to Subscribe to the Mailing List
Steps to restrict false impersonations
Security Features for Posting Messages
Access to unsubscribe and change settings
Visibility of the existence of the mailing list
Web Interface Access
Overview of Lyris Posting Security
Security Considerations of the From: field
Security Recommendations for Announcement lists
How Lyris Determines the Identity of the Person Posting
Lyris Mail Merge
The Lyris command line
Modifying lyris.plc
Add-On Packages
Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions

Access to the list archives

By default, access to the mailing list archives is open to all, though the "visitors" feature. In other words, the default setting when creating a mailing list is to "allow visitors.".

Allowing visitors means that people can read your mailing list archives without joining, but they will not be able to contribute to your mailing list. If you disable the Visitors feature, then only members of your mailing list will be allowed to view your archives.

Because the Lyris archives are viewed through an interactive script, email address harvesting programs (ie: spam-collectors) are not able to browse your Lyris archives, as they can the plain-HTML archives of other list servers.

The Lyris "Multiview" option allows list archives to be read using a standard NNTP Newsreader. Lyris supports NNTP authentication and security, and thus the security settings of the mailing list when read by a News reader is identical to when it is read using the Lyris web interface. Security is not compromised. If a mailing list allows visitors, then anyone can read the archives. If visitors are not allowed, the Lyris Multiview News interface asks for a username (email address) and password to obtain access to the mailing list archives. As far as postings go, messages composed and sent using a News browser are treated exactly as email submissions and thus subject to the same security features.

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