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Access to the list of members
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Access to the list of members
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Overview of Lyris Posting Security
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Security Recommendations for Announcement lists
How Lyris Determines the Identity of the Person Posting
Lyris Mail Merge
The Lyris command line
Modifying lyris.plc
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Access to the list of members

In the old days of the Internet, any person on the Internet could obtain a list of members for any mailing list. This was done so that members could know who else was on the mailing list, and also to facilitate unsubscribing in certain cases.

These days, there are unscrupulous people looking to get your member list so that they can send junk mail to them. In addition, obtaining the member list makes the security easier to "crack", especially if there are no member passwords.

For these reasons, Lyris defaults to only letting the list administrator (and by extension, site and server administrators) obtain the member listing. The member list is obtained with the "review" command, which must be preceded with a password with the "login" command.

Optionally, a mailing list can be set up to allow members to obtain the member listing with the review command. In this case, the authentication is done on the From: address, which must match a member address, and the listing is only sent to that member address.

If security is not a concern, you can elect to make your member listing available to anyone. These three options (admins/members/anyone) are available e in the list settings.

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