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Activation Code
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Activation Code

(optional) The Activation code number which defines the capabilities of your server. With no Serial Number, your Lyris server is capable of running an unlimited number of mailing lists, with up to 200 members in each mailing list. Other Activation codes offer different capabilities.

Once the limitations of your current serial number (or lack of one) are reached, no more members will be able to join your mailing lists.

When you purchase Lyris, you receive a serial number. You must then register your serial number, and the TCP/IP address of your Lyris server, at the web page:

Once you have registered your serial number, you receive an activation code which you put in the "activation code" box. This activates your copy of Lyris to the capabilities you purchased. Note that the activation code will not work on another computer: it is locked to that TCP/IP address. If you need to run more than one Lyris server in non-free mode, you will need to purchase a serial number for each server you run.

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