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After Installing Lyris on Unix
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Installing Lyris
Installing Lyris on Unix
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After Installing Lyris on Unix
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How to Install the Web Interface on a separate machine
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Mail Server Coexistence
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After Installing Lyris on Unix

Once you have completed the "install_lyris" installation program, you will be displayed a page such as the one below. This page gives you basic startup directions for configuring your Lyris server now that it is installed.

Lyris has now been installed on your system!

You can now run Lyris in the foreground with the command:
"/opt/lyrrun/bin/lyris start"

or run Lyris in the background with the command:
"/opt/lyrrun/bin/lyris -bd"

We recommend that you first run Lyris in the foreground, so that you see any
warning messages. If you encounter a conflict on port 25 with Sendmail,
please see the README file.

To create your first mailing list, you can point your web browser at:


When prompted for a user name and password, you should give the name
"admin" and the password "a9b8c7"

A log of the actions taken by this installation program has been saved
to /opt/lyrrun/install.log

A Lyris uninstall script has been created for you at:

Lyris setup has completed. Please press return to exit.

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