Lyris User's Guide
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Announcement Lists
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What does Lyris Do?
What do you need to use Lyris?
Feature Overview
General Features
Announcement Lists
Lyris Menu Overview
What different roles are there?
Lyris Email Commands
Web Interface for Users
Server Administrator
Site Administrator
List Administrator
Other Topics
Add-On Packages
Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions

Announcement Lists

Fast mailing: optimized multi-threaded mail sending supports hundreds of simultaneous mail send sessions with very low RAM usage.

Automatic error processing: email addresses will be automatically processed and bad addresses are flagged in the database. You can audit the corrected email address list as well.

Highly configurable: you can define exactly who the "From:", "Reply-To:" and SMTP "From " are for every message.

Auditing: every mail transaction is fully logged. You can obtain positive confirmation of mail delivery (or failure) as well as the time delivered, number of retries, or error message obtained for a given email address.

Database links: easily import databases of email addresses and export Lyris information to your database.

Headers and footers: you can specify a header or footer to be wrapped around every outgoing message.

Subscriptions: membership can automatically "expire" after a specified period of time.

Complete security: Lyris can be configured to automatically refuse any connections from the outside, so that only you can use Lyris.

Insider Posting: can assign a number of people to have permission to post to a group.

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