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Ban Mail From
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Ban Mail From

This option allows you to reject any incoming mail from specific addresses. For example, if a user is a troublemaker, then you can have Lyris automatically reject any postings from this person.

Note that this mail from: value applies to the SMTP transaction MAIL FROM:<> value. In email messages, this is usually, but not necessarily the same as the From: in the mail you receive. Lyris displays the MAIL FROM:<> value in any message it receives in the Return-Path: header line. Most other mail servers follow this convention as well.

You can use this feature if a user has threatened to mail bomb you and you want to protect your Lyris server from them. Mail bombing is the tactic of sending hundreds of messages to someone, in the hopes of overwhelming them, or their server, and wasting their time. If you ban someone's email with this technique, Lyris will not even accept their messages over SMTP, and the amount of processing Lyris does for each message is extremely small: thus defusing the power of their mail bomb.

You can specify as many email addresses as you like, by putting each address on a separate line.

For example:

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