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Banned Members
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Banned Members

This setting tells Lyris to deny subscription requests and postings from these people. If a banned person tries to join your mailing list, they will be rejected.

This feature works by matching the text patterns that you specify, matched against the entire From: line that includes both the person's email address and their name.

If any text pattern matches, the person is banned. For example, if you wanted to ban all members from "", you would type:

If you wanted to ban the email addresses "" and "" you would enter these email addresses on two separate lines:

If you wanted to ban a person named "Jane Trouble" and "Bob Mischief", you would type:

    Jane Trouble
    Bob Mischief

Note that this would ban any person whose name is matched, regardless of their email address.

Lyris can also do "negative bans" as well. This means that it will ban anyone who does not match the text pattern you specify.

For example, if you run a corporate mailing list, and you want anyone from your company to be able to join, you could ban anyone who's email address does not contain "".

The "not contains" feature is activated by placing a tilde, a "~" at the beginning of the line. In the above example, to ban everyone except email addresses from "", you would type:

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