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(optional) Determines in which cases Lyris will check for this Action Phrase. The choices are:

* all sites - applies to all lists on all sites. This choice is available only if you are creating an action phrase as the Server Administrator.
* all lists - applies to all lists on this site.
* lyris@ - applies only to mail sent to the lyris@ address for this server. Normally, Action Phrases are applied to the mail sent to a mailing list. With the "lyris@" setting, mail sent to the List Server Address is checked for action phrases. This lets you add additional commands to the ones that Lyris normally understands. For instance, if you want to offer an application form for joining a mailing list, you could create an action phrase for "get application" which responds by sending back the application form.
* a mailing list name - applies to the mailing list that is selected.

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