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Create Document
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Create Document

The Create Document page has the following elements:

(required) You enter the internal name of the document. This name will only be used within the administrator screens - list members will never see it. If you want to create multiple language versions of the same document, they must each have exactly the same Name, but each have a different Language setting. Lyris will then see them as different language versions of the same document.

(required) You select the language in which this document is written. If multiple language version of a document exist, Lyris will try to use the most appropriate document for that person. Lyris will look at the country code of the person's TCP/IP address, and determine which languages that country uses. It will then look for the document in the languages that country uses, and if it finds no match, Lyris will use either the English language version of the document (if multiple language versions exist, but none match the person's language), or, the first document which matches the needed title.

(required) Determines the type of document this is. The type determines in what contexts this document will appear as a viable choice. For instance, the Hello: setting for a mailing list defines the document mailed to new subscribers. Only documents of type HELLO will be displayed as choices in that field.

(required) This is the native language title of the document. When this document is sent via email, this title will be in the Subject Line of the message.

(required) This is the actual text of the message. When this document is sent via email, this field will be the Contents of the email message. If any lines are longer than 75 characters long, they will be automatically word-wrapped when saved.

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