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Create Many Members
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Create Many Members

Clicking this button brings you to the Create Many Members page. From this page, you can create many members at once. You will have a field where you can enter many email addresses, one for each member. Then, you can choose the settings you want for these members. When you click the save button, all the email addresses you entered will become members with the settings you chose.

You will have the option of mailing a "hello" document to the members as part of the process of creating them.

In the "Email address" field, you can paste email address/name combinations in any of the following formats, and Lyris will automatically extract the name and email address from each pair, saving the information in each member's record:

    "John Smith" <>
    John Smith <> (John Smith) John Smith

Compuserve email addresses are also accepted, and automatically converted into their Internet counterparts. For example, both of these email addresses are valid:

    Bob Smith 23123,432

Addresses from the NTList mailing list program are also accepted. Lyris will extract the member type ("-", "DIGEST" or "NORMAL" and correctly set it for each member. Addresses from NTList look like this: - DIGEST NORMAL

Note that email addresses are checked for duplicates, so that duplicate memberships, if any exist, are automatically removed.

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