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Create a New Message
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Create a New Message

The user can arrive at this page from the Menu of Member Choices, or from the Read and Search Messages page.

On this page, the user can compose a message that will be distributed to the mailing list. The new message is treated exactly the same as a submission which arrives via email. For example, if the list is moderated, the new message will have to be approved, just as with messages submitted by email.

The Create a New Message page has the following elements:

(required) Enter the text of the subject for your message.

(required) Enter the body of your message. If any lines are longer than 75 characters long, they will be automatically word-wrapped.

Save button
Click the Save button to submit your message. Click Reset button to clear the form and start over. Or, click the Main Menu button to go back to the Menu of Member Choices.

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