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Date Field
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Date Field

You can use the current date and time as a mail merge field. To do this, use the "date:" mail merge code, followed by the formatting characters you want to use, to display the date and/or time in exactly the manner you want.

For example, the code:


will print the date and time in the default format.

Another example:

    $subst('date:%A, %B %d, %Y')

will display the Weekday, Month, day of month and year, in this format:

    Monday, June 14, 1997

Any characters which are not date formatting codes are displayed as-is. For example, in the above example, the commas are displayed as indicated in the formatting string.

Here is a complete list of date formatting codes:

%a day of week, using locale's abbreviated weekday names
%A day of week, using locale's full weekday names
%b month, using locale's abbreviated month names
%B month, using locale's full month names
%c date and time as %x %x
%C century, 1992 becomes 19 (-47 to 327)
%d two-digit day of month (01 to 31)
%D date as %m/%d/%y
%e two-digit day of month, single digits are preceded by a blank (1 to 31)
%f if year < 1000, then "%s %P", else "%s"
%H two-digit hour (00 to 23)
%I two-digit hour (01 to 12)
%j three-digit day number of year (001 to 366)
%k two-digit hour, single digits are preceded by a blank (0 to 23)
%l two-digit hour, single digits are preceded by a blank (1 to 12)
%m month number (01 to 12)
%M minute (00 to 59)
%n newline, same as \n
%p locale's equivalent of A.M. or P.M., whichever is appropriate
%P A.D. or B.C.
%r time as %I:%M:%S %p
%s positive year, -4 becomes 4 (1 to 32766)
%S seconds (00 to 59)
%t tab, same as \t
%T time as %H:%M:%S
%U week number of year, Sunday is the first day of the week (00 to 53)
%w day of week; Sunday is day 0 (0 to 6)
%W week number of year, Monday is the first day of the week (00 to 53)
%x date, using locales' date format
%X time, using locale's time format
%y year within century (00 to 99)
%Y year, including century (-4713 to 32766)
%Z time zone abbreviation

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