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The delete command lets a list administrator delete a member from their list. The syntax of the delete command is:

    delete listname emailaddress [quiet]

The quiet modifier is optional. The word "del" may be used instead of the word "delete". For example:

    delete jazztalk

If you specify the quiet modifier, no confirming email messages will be sent out. However, if the delete command does not succeed, such as if the email address is not a member, you (the person submitting the delete command) will be notified. By default, when you delete a member with the delete command, both you and the user receives notification that they have been removed. If a "goodbye" document exists for the list, that document is sent to the user instead of a machine-generated notification. With the quiet modifier, no notification is sent to the user or to the administrator.

You can specify any number of members to delete on the command line. For example, to delete the users "" and "", you would write:

    delete jazztalk

The delete command is only available to administrators. You must issue a "login" command before using the delete command. For more information about login, see Login.

Delete from all Lists

You can use a "*" in place of the list name in the "delete" command, and a person will be removed from all lists they belong too. For example, to remove "" from all lists on your server, you would use the command:

    delete *

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