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Delivery Speed
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Mail Delivery Statistics Size
Mail Delivery Statistics Interval
In-Memory Processing
Enable Logging
Lyris Command Protocol (LCP) Settings
Programming Extensions at the Server Level
Miscellaneous Server Config Settings
Server Documents
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Incoming Mail
Outgoing Mail
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Site Administrator
List Administrator
Other Topics
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Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Speed

Normally, Lyris sends mail out as quickly as it can. However, because Lyris is so efficient at sending mail, Lyris can fill up the capacity of your Internet connection, so that other people using your Internet connection have are slowed down.

If you would like to have Lyris use less Internet bandwidth, you can slow down the pace at which Lyris delivers mail. This is accomplished by limiting the number of simultaneous mail sessions.

The number of threads that you can launch is limited by available memory. If you exceed the number of threads that your system can handle, your Lyris server will behave incorrectly, because your system will run out of memory. Generally, a setting of 150 or 200 is quite safe on a machine with 128mb of RAM.

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