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Forward Mail
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Forward Mail

Optionally forward non-Lyris mail to another SMTP server.

This allows Lyris to coexist with another SMTP server on the same machine.

For instance, if the machine you want to run Lyris on has a mail server running on it (for instance, Sendmail or Post.Office), and you want this machine to continue running a mail server, then this setting will allow Lyris to coexist with your mail server.

Before Lyris can be installed, you will need to configure your mail server to listen to a different port than port 25 for receiving mail. Once this is done, you can install Lyris, and instruct it with this "Forward Mail" feature to pass non-Lyris mail onto your regular mail server. Mail sending and receiving from both Lyris and your regular mail server is unaffected.

In this way, both Lyris and your mail server can coexist peacefully on the same machine.

For this "Forward Mail" setting, you will need to specify the TCP/IP address and port number.

For example: " 2025" forwards non-Lyris mail to an SMTP server running on the same machine, on port 2025. This is a common setting with Lyris is coexisting with a mail server on the same machine.

Another example: " 25" forwards non Lyris mail to an SMTP server running on a different machine. Thus, mail that isn't for Lyris is forwarded to another mail server for regular processing.

For more information, see Having Sendmail coexist with Lyris or Having Post.Office coexist with Lyris.

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