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Forwarding Orders
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Forwarding Orders

Forwarding orders allow Lyris to receive email for a given email address, and forward that email to another email address.

For example, you might want to define an "administrator" (or "admin") email address on your Lyris server, and have it forwarded to your personal email address.

You can define as many forwarding orders as you like, each one separated by a carriage return. Each forwarding order has two parts: the first part is the email address you want Lyris to match on (the address on the Lyris server), and the second part (separated by a space) is the email address to forward email to.

Here is an example of two forwarding orders that forward mail from "admin" and "administrator" on a server named "":

You can specify multiple people to forward to, by separating each destination email address with a comma. One use of this feature might be to make a "cross-posting" address for multiple lists. Mail sent to this address could automatically be forwarded to several mailing lists. Another use of this feature is if there are several administrators who should receive the same email. Here is an example:,

When forwarding to multiple recipients, be sure to separate each recipient address with a single comma, with no spaces between each email address, otherwise your forwarding order will not work.

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