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Four main Security roles
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Security Considerations
Four main Security roles
Security Issues Relating to Members
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Four main Security roles

Lyris allows full delegation of rights and responsibilities to others, so that one person is not stuck with the bulk of the work. The four roles are:

* Server administrators: has complete rights over the entire server. Can create sites.

* Site administrators: has complete rights over the Lyris Sites (also known as virtual servers) given to them. Can create and remove mailing lists within their site. Also has rights over the lists located in their site. Site administrators are not aware of other sites on the servers, nor are they aware of mailing lists belonging to these other sites.

* List administrators: has complete rights over the Lyris mailing lists given to them. Can edit the member accounts for people who are members of their lists. Reduced-rights list administrators can also be created. For example, a list admin who only has moderator privileges.

* Members: a single email address who belongs to a Lyris mailing list. Has rights over their own settings and password.

Each of these roles can be assigned to multiple people, and each person can have multiple roles. All roles are protected by a username / password combination, and all roles except members are required to have a password. If additional member security is desired, members can be required to define a password, and will be automatically assigned a password if they do not.

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