Lyris User's Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions
Table of Contents
Lyris Email Commands
Web Interface for Users
Server Administrator
Site Administrator
List Administrator
Other Topics
Add-On Packages
Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a DocBot?
How do DocBots Work?
How do I create a DocBot?
Running Lyris
What machine should I buy to run Lyris on?
How to start the Lyris server
How to bring up the Lyris Web Interface
Do you need a Mail Server to Use Lyris on NT?
Forgotten Password
Windows NT vs. Windows 95
How can I extend Lyris with my own programs?
How can I be Certain My Email Messages Were Delivered?
What Email Commands does Lyris Support?
Why Does Lyris Not Use Sendmail?
How do I subscribe people automatically?
Lyris Administration
How do I delete messages from the archives?
How do I export my List Archives?
How do I shut down the Lyris Server?
Web Browsers
How do I use the "Virtual Server" Capability?
What about Lynx and Text Mode Web Users?
How can I customize the Web Interface?
Usenet Newsgroups
Other FAQ issues
Making Lyris Run Faster
How does searching work?
How can I get the MultiView version of Lyris?
Can Lyris work on an Intranet?
Mailing List Features
How can I make a private list?
How can I make a moderated list?
How can Members Expire after a certain time period?
How do I approve moderated messages in bulk?
One Way Mailing Lists
How do I make a Mailing List which sends to several Mailing lists?
How do I add a CancelBot to my mailing list?
What Happens to Bad Mail Addresses?
What about MIME Digests?
How To use Lyris Extensions
How Lyris Decides Who to Unsubscribe
Perl/Lyris Toolkit
How do I validate Email addresses in my Perl programs?
Sample program - import list of email addresses
Sample Program: import mailing list archives
Unix Administration
Up & Coming

Frequently Asked Questions

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