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From Header
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From Header

(optional) If defined, replaces the From: in email messages going out to the mailing list. Normally, the From: is the email address and name of the author of the message. However, in some cases you may want to obscure the author of the message, and replace it with something else. For instance, if several people in the sales department of your organization can contribute announcements, you may want the From: to say sales@your-company…rather than the email address of the actual author. This helps protect the identity of the true message author.

Note: this field must be a valid email address. If you do not specify a valid email address for this field, you will likely have problems when you try to mail. Some sites will refuse your mail, while others will show strange information in the From: field on the messages they receive.

Examples of valid values for this field include:
    Bob Smith <> (Bob Smith)

Your entry must be in one of these three formats.

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