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Get Documents
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Get Documents

Members of a mailing list can obtain the documents from a mailing with the Get command. They syntax for the get command

    get listname document-name-or-range

Currently, two kinds of documents are available: "hello" and "goodbye". These are the documents that are mailed when someone joins the mailing list, and when someone leaves the mailing list. For example:

    get jazztalk hello
    get rock-discussion hello

The hello and goodbye documents can also be obtained by sending email to the Command-Listname address "hello-listname@…" and "goodbye-listname@…"

If you know the document ID or range of IDs of archived messages that you want to retrieve, you can also use the "get" command to retrieve specific message bodies.

For instance, if you subscribe to a mailing list with "index" mode, you receive a nightly summary of the messages from that day, with a get command pre-written to retrieve the message bodies.

The format of the get command for retrieving an archived message (or a set of messages) is:

    get listname message-id [message-id] …

or you can specify a range with:

    get listname (first-message-id)-(last-message-id)

For example:

    get jazztalk 100 105 106 109
    get jazztalk 100-109

Get Documents Example

This is a sample nightly index document from the NeoForum mailing list. Notice that the "get" command is pre-written for the user in the message.

    CDLIST Index for Saturday, March 08, 1997.

    Subject: Re: results
    From: Jason Smith <>
    ID: 133

    Subject: Re: Aborting a cd
    From: Bob Jones <>
    ID: 136

    Subject: CD-Roms
    From: (Matt Smith)
    ID: 139

    Subject: Re[2]: Client/Server?
    ID: 141


    To receive the full text of these messages, send the following command to

    get cdlist 133-141

    Or, you can retrieve specific messages with a command such as:

    get cdlist 133 136


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