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Having MetaInfo sendmail coexist with Lyris
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Having MetaInfo sendmail coexist with Lyris

Robert Basil, a Lyris user, wrote this message to the Lyris-Discuss mailing list explaining how he has MetaInfo's sendmail coexist with Lyris.

Note that the technique he is using here, of having MetaInfo run on one set of TCP/IP addresses, and Lyris on another, is explained in more detail at Use two TCP/IP addresses . The instructions given here indicate how MetaInfo sendmail handles the forwarding order, as opposed to how Unix sendmail is told to do the forwarding.

Date sent: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 09:37:54
To: "Lyris Discussion" <>
From: Robert Basil <>
Subject: NT MetaInfo Sendmail Config Solution.
Send reply to: "Lyris Discussion" <>

Just to let everyone know how we got the Lyris software to work with
the MetaInfo Sendmail running on multiple IP's/Domains here are the
steps. In my setup, my MetaInfo sendmail machine has several TCP/IP addresses, and MetaInfo sendmail is using several of them. I have one TCP/IP address free (not used) on which I run Lyris.

1. Install Lyris (If you already have Perl 5 installed, or you are running
IIS4.0b2 choose "no" on the Perl install)

2. On the last step (Start server now) un check the box.

3. Bring up a DOS box, change to the Lyris directory and type: lyris tcpip (your IP for Lyris here). See Multiple TCP/IP addresses for more information.

4. Edit the "lyris.plc" file in your c:\inetpub\scripts directory to read: server_ip_address=(your IP for Lyris here). See TCP/IP Port of Lyris Server for more information.

5. Go into your MetaInfo Sendmail control panel and stop the Sendmail program.

6. Start the Lyris server by clicking on the "Start Lyris Server" icon.

7. Go into your MetaInfo Sendmail control panel and start the Sendmail

8. Go into your Internet Services Manager and stop your IIS service

9. Go into your Internet Services Manager and restart your IIS service

10. Go to http://www.(your-domain).com/scripts/ and start
configuring your lists.

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