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Having Post.Office coexist with Lyris
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Having Post.Office coexist with Lyris

Post.Office is capable of peacefully coexisting with Lyris on the same machine without any problems. The following instructions explain how to set this up. The process involves making a second name for your computer, moving Lyris to another TCP/IP port, and telling Post.Office to forward mail sent to that second name on to Lyris.

Here are the steps:

1) Create up an alias for your computer by adding an additional "A record" to your DNS entries. For example, if your machine is named "", copy the "A" record entry for that host, make a copy, and change the name in the copy. Your DNS entry would look like this:

    po IN A ; the original host name
    lyris IN A ; the new "alias" host name

2) Tell Lyris what port you want it to use. In this example, we are using port 26. To do this, open up a command window, change to the Lyris directory and type:

    lyris smtpport 26

3) Connect to Post.Office web page, log in as postmaster.

4) Click on 'System Config' button

5) Click on 'Set Mail Routing Options' button

6) Under "Special Routing Instructions - SMTP Mail Routing Table:"



For example, if your Post Office machine is named "" and the new second name, the "alias" is "", you would type::

7) Now, start up your Lyris server.

8) You're ready to go. When you create your Lyris "sites" be sure to use the new hostname in the "hostname" entry. In this example, this is "".

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