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Having Sendmail coexist with Lyris
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Having Sendmail coexist with Lyris

In order for Lyris function correctly, it needs to be able to receive email.

Lyris runs its own SMTP daemon for accepting email. Since you are probably running "sendmail" (or some other mail server), you will need to decide which method you want to use so that Lyris and sendmail can both receive email.

1) USE TWO TCP/IP ADDRESSES: assign two TCP/IP addresses to this machine. Tell sendmail to run on one TCP/IP address, and Lyris runs on the other.

2) SENDMAIL FORWARDS TO LYRIS: create an alias and tell sendmail to forward email addressed to the alias to Lyris that runs on another port.

3) LYRIS FORWARDS TO SENDMAIL: move sendmail to another port, and inform Lyris to forward non-Lyris bound mail to sendmail.

4) DISABLE SENDMAIL RECEIVING: disable sendmail mail receiving, and allow Lyris to receive all mail sent to this machine.

Method "1" is the easiest approach. Method "2" is recommended for most sites. Depending on your needs, you may find methods "3" or "4" acceptable.


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