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Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions

Hide Topic

(optional) This option will hide the given topic from users of the Lyris web interface. Mailing lists which are categorized under this topic will also be hidden.

The main purpose of a topic is to organize mailing lists. Thus, you would usually want a topic to be visible, so that your users can easily find their way around.

However, there are several circumstances where you might want to hide a topic:

* your new topic and mailing lists are not ready yet (you are still configuring them), so you don't want them to be visible

* your topic is private, not of general interest, or you only want people you tell to know about the mailing lists.

Mailing lists that are categorized under a hidden topic are also considered to be hidden. The "lists" command honors the hidden topic setting, and does not display mailing lists that are part of a hidden topic.

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