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Hold Users
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Hold Users

This option determines whether members who bounce a great deal of mail have their membership automatically "held" by Lyris.

When people's email addresses go bad (for instance, they change to another Internet Service Provider) each email message sent to their old address bounces back to Lyris. By default, Lyris will analyze the bounces, and determine who is causing them. If a member's email address appears to be invalid for several days in a row, Lyris automatically disables that member's Lyris membership, so that Lyris no longer sends them mail.

In most situations, automatic holding of users is a desired feature. In some situations, such as with internal mailing lists, where email address problems can be temporary (or must be repaired by a email system administrator) you can disable this feature. Lyris will then never put a membership on "hold".

When a user is placed on hold, Lyris sends the user an email message indicating that this has occurred, as well as a copy of the most recent error message Lyris received from this user. This notification message, if the user receives it, can be very helpful to the user in determining why their email was being rejected by their mail system.

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