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(required) The machine name that you want Lyris to use for this site. For example, if Lyris is running on a machine called "minerva", you would enter that machine name here,

The Host name is the machine name Lyris uses as the Reply-To: and From: when it is sending out mail. If is vital that you enter a valid Internet host name. If you enter an invalid Internet host name, mail will go out with that name, and people replying to it will never be able to send mail back to the Lyris Server. For example, if you entered "" as the host name, but this was another machine, then outgoing mail would say, and this would not be correct.

There are other alternatives.

If the machine running Lyris responds to several machine names, you will want to enter the appropriate machine name for this Site. For example, if two companies are sharing this server, Acme Corporation, and Widget Corporation, this host name will tell Lyris which name to use in what situation. If someone writes to a mailing list run by Widget Corporation, Lyris will respond with the Widget Corporation host name (, let's say). If someone else writes to a mailing lists run by the Acme Corporation, Lyris will respond with the Acme Corporation host name (, let's say).

Also, though Lyris might be running on a machine called "", you might want outgoing mail to look like it is coming from "". If so, you would enter "" as the host name. Note, however, that people will be sending mail to addresses at, and it is your responsibility to set up mail forwarding on your email system so that mail sent to (for Lyris or Lyris mailing lists) gets forwarded to Lyris running on

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