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How Lyris Decides Who to Unsubscribe
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How Lyris Decides Who to Unsubscribe

There are four ways to unsubscribe from a Lyris mailing list:

1) enter the Lyris web interface, and press the "leave" button

2) send the command "unsubscribe listname" to

3) send the command "unsubscribe listname your-email-address" to

4) forward any posting you receive from a lyris mailing list to the address

If an unsubscribe request is made with the "unsubscribe" command sent to, as in "unsubscribe jazztalk", then the person named in the From: field is unsubscribed. If the email address named in the From: field is not a member, Lyris returns a message to that person saying that they could not be unsubscribed.

Lyris also provides the option of naming an email address on the "unsubscribe" command line, such as the command "unsubscribe jazztalk". In such a case, if unsubscribe confirmation are enabled for the list, then a confirmation message is sent to the subscriber, the ensure that they are same person, and not that someone else is trying to unsubscribe them.

When mail is received at the "unsubscribe-listname@…" address, Lyris tries to determine who the subscriber is, and automatically removes them. In most situations, this works very well.

The Lyris unsubscribing logic for unsubscribe requests received at the "unsubscribe-listname@…" is fairly sophisticated, and here is how it works. When Lyris receives a message to the "unsubscribe-listname@…" address, Lyris goes through the following steps:

1) first looks for X-Lyris-Member-ID in the header. If it's there, that's who gets unsubbed. This catches almost all cases, except when the forwarding program strips out the headers (such as in this example).

2) looks for a purgeid tag in the header (X-Lyris-To:) and then in the body. If it's there, that person gets unsubbed. Note: purgeid tags are "cleaned up" before they are re-posted to a list (ie: in quoted message), by removing the square brackets. In the example below, the square bracketed email address clearly identifies "wantsoff", so that who gets unsubscribed. Also note that MS-Mail generated addresses with the text [SMTP:...] are correctly skipped by Lyris as of Lyris 2.5 beta 3 (in earlier versions this Microsoft Mail behavior cause a false positive hit).

3) look at the Return-Path (the MAIL FROM:<> sender), and see if it's a member. If it is, then this is likely a forwarded message, and unsub that person. Pegasus Mail does this.

4) Finally, if none of the above is valid, the person named in the From: header is unsubscribed.

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