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How To use Lyris Extensions
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How To use Lyris Extensions

Here are directions on how to set up a perl script to be run as a Lyris extension. Many Perl scripts are freely available at for a wide variety of uses.

These directions are for the "delhtml" extension, but can be used for any extension you want to use.

1) Copy the file to your perl library directory. On NT, this is \perl5\lib. On Unix, be sure the "chmod 755" so that it is executable.

2) If you are running on NT, make a batch file named "delhtml.bat" in your \perl5\lib directory, with these contents:

    c:\perl5\bin\perl c:\perl5\lib\ %1 %2 %3

3) using the Lyris web interface, go to your list settings, go to the bottom where the "run a program before" field is. If you are on Unix, give the complete path to If you are on NT, give the complete path to delhtml.bat (ie: c:\perl5\lib\delhtml.bat)

Repeat step #3 for any other lists you want to have use this extension script.

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