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How can I customize the Web Interface?
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How can I customize the Web Interface?
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How can I customize the Web Interface?

You can change the look of several components of the Lyris web interface.

You can add a header and footer to the web interface. See Web Interface Header and Footer.

You can change or remove the Lyris Logo, Lyris Face and Lyris Home Button. See Lyris Face Graphic, Lyris Logo Graphic and Lyris Home Button .

Every page of the Lyris web interface is created on-the-fly by a Perl-based program. If you want to customize the Lyris web interface beyond these options mentioned above, you can modify the Lyris web interface to do anything you wish by editing the Perl source code. You will need to be a moderately experienced Perl programmer to do this. The entire Web Interface is contained in the source file You are welcome to modify it as you see fit to suit your needs.

Furthermore, because the Lyris Web Interface is entirely based on Perl, it is very easy to write your own web pages that talk to Lyris. Many of our customers have written custom signup pages. If you would like to write your own Perl scripts which talk to Lyris, you should download the Lyris Programmer's Guide, from You should also look at the Lyris web interface script, for examples of various Perl/Lyris techniques.

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