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How can I make a moderated list?
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How can I make a moderated list?

You can create Moderated mailing lists with Lyris. A moderated mailing list is one where members must have their messages to the list approved by a list administrator before they are distributed to the mailing list.

With a moderated mailing list, people can create messages for the mailing list by filling out the Create Message web page or sending in an email to the mailing list. Whenever someone writes a message to the list, the list administrator(s) can receive notification of the message, and approve or reject them.

To create a Moderated mailing list, create a mailing list as you normally would, using the Create Mailing List web page. For the Moderated setting, be sure to choose the setting you like. You can elect to have all messages moderated, or just the first few postings of new members. You can also elect to have moderated messages be automatically approved after a defined time period. See Mailing Lists.

After you have created your list, you will want to create a member who is a list administrator, and who receives the email notifications of the moderated messages. Go to the Member Create web page, and fill out the name and email settings, and any other settings you want to change. For this member, make sure that they are set to be a List Administrator and that they are set to receive moderation requests. See Create Member.

Now, whenever someone writes a message to the mailing list, you will receive an email notification of their message. Then, you can read, approve or reject moderated messages using the web interface, or approve or reject the moderated message via an email command. The notification message will show you how to approve or reject the message by email.

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