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How do I make a Mailing List which sends to several Mailing lists?
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How do I make a Mailing List which sends to several Mailing lists?
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How do I make a Mailing List which sends to several Mailing lists?

    I am trying to make several distribution lists. We have (5) different groups of e-mail addresses we want to send information to, but often we send the same message to all of them. I was thinking of making those 5 lists and subscribe the relevant addresses to each of them, and then make a "umbrella-list" that had 5 members; the other lists (with "real" members). However, Lyris will not let me have one list belong to another Lyris list: it refuses to distribute the mail.

That's right, Lyris will not allow one Lyris mailing list to receive mail from another Lyris mailing list. The reason for this is to prevent mail loops: if two automated programs start trading mail, it is possible to have a mail loop, as the two programs exchange messages. There are other technical reasons for this as well, such as avoiding confusions when bounces occur.

Instead, the correct way to have an "umbrella list", where sending mail to one address automatically distributes it to several other lists, is to use a "forwarding order". A Lyris forwarding order takes any mail it gets at the defined address, and forwards it the address(es) you specify.

For example, if you have two lists named "sports" and "food", you could make a forwarding order called "sportsfood" which forwards anything it receives onto both "sports" and "food".

You create a forwarding order from the "server config" page of the server admin menu. To create the above forwarding order, for a hostname named "", you would type:,

For more information, see Forwarding Orders.

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