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How do I shut down the Lyris Server?
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How do I shut down the Lyris Server?
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How do I shut down the Lyris Server?

If you are running Lyris in the foreground, you can tell Lyris to shut down cleanly by using any of the mechanisms:
* type the word "shutdown" on the Lyris console, if Lyris is running in the foreground (not as a background services on NT, or a daemon on Unix)
* run the program "perl". is located in a subdirectory off of your Lyris directory.
* On Unix, issue a "kill -15 LYRIS-PROCESS-ID" after determining the Lyris process ID. You can determine the process ID by reading the contents of the file /tmp/ that always contains the process ID of the currently running Lyris server. Kill -9 will also work, but will not be a "clean" shutdown, and is equivalent to powering off.
* On NT, if Lyris is running as a background service, by running the command "net stop lyris"

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