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How do I use the "Virtual Server" Capability?
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How do I use the "Virtual Server" Capability?
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How do I use the "Virtual Server" Capability?

Lyris allows you to create multiple sites, each of which has its own organization identity.

When mail comes into Lyris, Lyris will identify what Site it should represent itself as being, and use a "from" and "reply-to" address appropriate for that Site.

If you are using one web server for multiple sites, your server will need to support "virtual hosts" (also called "Virtual Server"). Many web servers support this, including Apache, Open Market, O'Reilly and Netscape servers.

You will place a copy of the Lyris web interface script in the CGI directory for each virtual server. In that directory, you will also make a copy of the configuration file, "lyris.plc". Change the "site=" line in the configuration file to the site you want Lyris to display.

Alternatively, you can instruct your users to place a "site=" line on their URLs to the Lyris Web interface. For instance, if you have a Lyris Site named "shelby" and another named "Acme", the URL "" will display the Shelby page on the Lyris Web interface.

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