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How does Lyris fulfill this service?
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What does Lyris Do?
What is a mailing list?
What can you do with mailing lists?
How does Lyris fulfill this service?
What else does Lyris do?
What do you need to use Lyris?
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Lyris Menu Overview
What different roles are there?
Lyris Email Commands
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Server Administrator
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List Administrator
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Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lyris fulfill this service?

Lyris runs on your computer. You, as the administrator, create mailing lists with Lyris, and Lyris takes care of all the details of making it work.

For Discussions:
When people want to join a mailing list that you are running with Lyris, they either send a "subscribe" email message to Lyris, or they fill out the "join" form on the Web, using the Lyris Web Interface. People contribute to the discussion by sending email to the discussion group email address which Lyris maintains, or by filling out the "create a new message" form on the web using the Lyris Web Interface. When a new message is contributed, each member of the discussion receives the message in the manner that they specified. Some people receive every message immediately, in their email. Others receive a nightly "digest" of all the messages. Still others elect not to receive any email, and prefer to read the messages on the Web using the Lyris Web Interface. You can also choose to require an administrator to approve (moderate) messages before they are sent to the group, so that you can determine if they are appropriate.

For Announcements Lists
The process for announcements lists is similar to that for discussions (see above), except only approved people are allowed to send messages to the group. This could be just you, a number of people in your organization, or specific people you choose. Frequently, with many announcement lists, you will want to "import" in bulk a list of email addresses who should be members of the mailing list. Lyris will also do this for you.

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