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How does searching work?
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How does searching work?
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How does searching work?

    I was just trying Lyris, and was wondering how the search engine inside worked? Does it index every document ? Or does it search directly in the messages in the database?

Lyris indexes each message: it removes all the punctuation and numbers, and creates an index based on the remaining individual words.

A word is anything over 3 characters and up to 30 characters.

When you do a search it accesses this index, looks up the word and gives the appropriate archived messages.

    Thanks for the information, but doesn't this slow down the message delivery, because you have to index each message when it comes in?

No, indexing is done with a separate thread that is lowest priority. Anything else Lyris needs to do, like sending messages, gets done first, interrupting the message indexing. When the Lyris server is completely idle, and has nothing else to do, the indexing resumes.

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