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How much memory does Lyris require?
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How much memory does Lyris require?
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How much memory does Lyris require?

Lyris requires a minimum of 10 megabytes of RAM to operate. This amount of memory must be available after the operating system loads in order for Lyris to work.

In practical terms, this means approximately:

Windows NT 3.51 & NT 4.0 on Intel and DEC Alpha hardware: 64 megabytes RAM.
Windows 95: 48 megabytes RAM.
OS/2 version 2.0, Warp and Merlin: 32 megabytes RAM
Unix: 64 megabytes total RAM.

Note that if you plan to have a very busy Lyris Server, more memory is better. For the Plus versions of Lyris, we recommend 128mb of RAM.

If you have at least 1 megabyte of physical memory available, then it is likely that you are using your hard disk swap-file for memory, and your system will perform quite slowly.

If, when you are running Lyris, you have a great deal of hard disk activity, it is likely that you are low on memory. Lyris has its own disk-caching mechanism, and is very efficient in its use of the hard drive. Under normal circumstances, you should not hear the disk thrashing about. This, heavy disk activity is a sign that your system is low on memory.

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