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How to Upgrade Lyris by Hand
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How to Upgrade Lyris by Hand
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How to Upgrade Lyris by Hand

If you do not want to use the "install_lyris" script to upgrade your existing Lyris installation, you can follow these steps to upgrade it by hand.

1) make a backup your Lyris directory before starting the upgrade.

2) copy the contents of the installation 'bin' directory to the 'bin' directory of your Lyris installation

3) Copy the files in ~/lyris/perl/lib to your Perl library directory that is often /usr/local/lib/perl5 - if you need to determine your Perl library directory, you can run "perl" that is located in the ~/lyris/perl/bin/ directory.

4) Copy the files in the ~/lyris/cgi directory to the "cgi-bin" directory on your web server. This directory should already exist, and is not located in your HTML document directory. It is a separate directory your web server maintains for running CGI scripts.

5) run "~/lyris/bin/lyris dbupgrade" to upgrade your Lyris databases to the current version

6) run "~/lyris/bin/lyris start" to run Lyris in the foreground or run "~/lyris/bin/lyris -bd" to run Lyris in the background

7) send mail to lyris@your-server to make sure that Lyris is answering email

8) cd to your web server's CGI directory. Run "./". You should see a page full of HTML displayed.

9) With a web browser, go to the URL http://localhost/cgi-bin/ The Lyris web interface should appear.

that's all! Lyris should now be upgraded on your system!

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