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How to go directly to "Enter Mailing List" page
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Overview of Web Interface for Users
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Enter Mailing List
How to go directly to "Enter Mailing List" page
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Read a specific message
Create a New Message
Edit Membership settings
About This List
Server Administrator
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List Administrator
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to go directly to "Enter Mailing List" page

Note that you can also point users directly to this page (the Enter Mailing List page) by means of a special URL. When you use your browser to get to this page, you can bookmark the URL that is displayed, and it this URL will brings users directly to this page.

Or, if you prefer, you can build the URL yourself. A sample URL might be:

* the first part of the URL,, is the general URL to the Lyris web interface for your site.
* append ?enter=<listname> for your mailing list

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