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If Lyris Will Not Run
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If Lyris Will Not Run

If, when you run the "lyris" executable, Lyris crashes with a "bus error", "segment violation", or some sort of library error, it is likely that the version of your Unix operating system has not had all the Unix vendor's OS patches applied to it.

On Sun Solaris 2.5 and 2.51, it is vital that you apply the "recommended patch cluster", which is available by clicking on "public patches" at Several bugs related to multithreading and semaphores have been fixed by those patches.

On HPUX 10 or 11, you must install the "DCE Threads" package in order to use Lyris.

On Irix 6.4, there are outstanding problems with semaphores that we have not yet resolved. Some systems run fine, while others do not, and some Irix patches appear to completely break OS semaphores, making things worse. If your Lyris system continues to run, but stops sending mail, it is likely that this is the problem.

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