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Importing Mailing List Archives
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Importing Mailing List Archives

Lyris comes with a program, named "" to import mailing list archives from other list server programs.

The program will import "standard mail archives". This is the mail archive format that Unix mail creates, and many other platforms create this format as well.

Each message is stored one after another in a file, with a "From " line separating each messages. You can import as many mail files as you have.

The messages will be full text indexed and appear in Lyris as old messages, as if they had been created in Lyris. They can be searched from the Lyris Web Interface as well as by email.

You run this program from the command line. To run it you need to specify the mailing list name, and the names of the text files you want to import. For example, to import archives into a list named "jazztalk" :

perl jazztalk 02-1997.msg
perl jazztalk 02-1997.msg 03-1997.msg 04-1997.msg
perl jazztalk *.msg

You can specify as many text files to import as you like.

This program is included with Lyris, and the newest version is always available in the "extra" section of our FTP site, at:

You should copy to your CGI directory, which is the same directory where "" is located on your web server.

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