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Installing Lyris as a Windows Service
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Installing Lyris
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Installing Lyris as a Windows Service
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Installing the Web Interface on a separate Web Server
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Installing Lyris on Unix
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Upgrading to Lyris from Another List Server
Frequently Asked Questions

Installing Lyris as a Windows Service

On Windows NT and Windows 95, Lyris has the capability to run as a service.

To install Lyris as a service, install Lyris normally, then click the "install Lyris service" icon in the "Lyris" menu -- you will find the "Lyris" group inside your "Start" Menu.

On Windows NT, this will install Lyris in the "services" control panel, and Lyris will from then on start automatically on bootup, as a background service.

Windows 95 has only a primitive idea of "services" (ie: it has not services control panel), and so Lyris cannot run invisibly in the background. However, a Windows 95 service is able to start automatically on boot-up, before logging in, so that when you reboot, Lyris starts right away.

On Unix, Lyris can run as a background daemon, by running Lyris with the command "lyris -bd"

For more information, see The Lyris command line.

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