Lyris User's Guide
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Installing and Upgrading
Table of Contents
Lyris Email Commands
Web Interface for Users
Server Administrator
Site Administrator
List Administrator
Other Topics
Add-On Packages
Installing and Upgrading
Installing Lyris
Moving a Lyris Installation to a New Machine
Installing Lyris as a Windows Service
Do I need a mail server in order to run Lyris?
What is the TCP/IP check for?
Problem: NT setup exits during the TCP/IP check
Installing the Web Interface on a separate Web Server
Living with a Firewall
Installing Lyris on Unix
Basic Unix Installation Instructions
Basic Installation on Solaris/Sparc
Basic Installation on Solaris/Intel
Basic Installation on Irix
Basic Installation on AIX
Basic Installation on Digital Unix
After Installing Lyris on Unix
Getting Help
How to Install Lyris by Hand
How to Upgrade Lyris by Hand
How to Install the Web Interface on a separate machine
If you get the "Protocol Not Supported" Error
If Lyris Will Not Run
Unix Directory Permissions Needed
Making your Unix Mail Server and Lyris coexist
Mail Server Coexistence
Having Sendmail coexist with Lyris
Use two TCP/IP addresses
Sendmail forwards to Lyris
Lyris forwards to Sendmail
Disable Sendmail
Having Post.Office coexist with Lyris
Having Qmail coexist with Lyris
Having MetaInfo sendmail coexist with Lyris
Having Netscape Mail Server coexist with Lyris
Having Notes / Domino Coexist with Lyris
Having NTMail Coexist with Lyris
Having Microsoft Exchange Coexist With Lyris
Having AltaVista Mail Coexist with Lyris
Upgrading to Lyris from Another List Server
Importing Email Addresses
Importing Mailing List Archives
Importing Archives from Connect2Library
Problems running Lyris Web Interface
Problems starting the Lyris Server
Problems with Multiple TCP/IP Addresses
Reinstalled Windows NT, Now Lyris Web Interface No Longer Works
Lyris Does Not Respond to Email I Send it
Finding NT Memory Leaks
Hard Disk Defraggers
Frequently Asked Questions

Installing and Upgrading

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