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Installing the NT authentication option
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Installing the NT authentication option

First, download and install the complete version of Perl, build 315, from ActiveState. This version is available from our web site, at:

Then, take the ZIP file that you have downloaded from us, and unzip it into a temporary directory. From this temporary directory, copy into the \perl5\lib\win32\ directory. Then, make a directory called \perl5\lib\auto\win32\adminmisc\ and copy the file named AdminMisc.pll from the temporary directory, into this new directory.

Finally, locate the file named "lyris.plc" in your CGI-BIN directory (or SCRIPTS directory, if you are using IIS), load this file in notepad, and add a single line to the bottom of it, which says:


You are done!

There is no need to restart Lyris, as your changes take effect immediately. If you want to undo the NT authentication option, simple remove the one line you added to lyris.plc.

Note that the NT authentication option require Lyris 2.548 or newer. Versions previous to that do not have the necessary program code for this option.

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