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LCP Password
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LCP Password

(required) The password that you want the Lyris Command Protocol to use. The Lyris Server uses port 2020 to communicate with the Lyris Web Interface, and with other programs. Access to the Lyris Command Protocol is password protected, so that outsiders cannot affect your Lyris Server. The default password is "LCPPasswd". You may want to change this password to give you a greater level of security.

However, if you do change this password, immediately after changing it the Lyris Web Interface will no longer work. This is because the Lyris Web Interface configuration file lyris.plc will still have the old password, and will no longer be able to access the Lyris Control Protocol of your Lyris Server. So, immediately after making a change to the LCP Password, and saving the change, you will need to edit the lyris.plc file that is found in your Web Server's CGI directory. You will want to change the line password=LCPPasswd to reflect the new password that you have set.

Note, that if you do not change your LCP Password, you are still well protected by the LCP Hosts setting that is the next option on this screen.

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