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List-Help Headers
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List-Help Headers

This option determines whether Lyris inserts helpful information into the headers of the messages it sends.

These header lines tell people how to subscribe, unsubscribe, get help, and contact the owner of the mailing list.

These header lines are soon to become an official Internet standard. Lyris complies with the draft standard document, titled draft-baer-listspec-01.txt and available at

A number of email programs recognize the headers, and assist users in subscribing, unsubscribing, or obtaining help. As of November 1, 1997, Claris Emailer, Qualcomm Eudora and Pegasus Mail directly support or plan to directly support these headers. Even when a mail program does not directly support the headers, they are still useful, as most email programs allow the user to optionally view all headers, and thus they can see this additional, helpful information.

If you decide to include the List-Help headers, these six header will be added to your outgoing mail:

    List-Unsubscribe: <[]>

    List-Subscribe: <>

    List-Owner: <>

    List-Help: <>


    List-Software: Lyris Server version 2.50 beta 3.0, <>

Note that most email programs do not show the mail headers, so for most lists, it makes sense to include the headers, as they do no harm.

If you want to remove specific headers that Lyris adds, you can do so by specifying them for removal. See Remove Headers.

If you choose to not include the List-Help headers, only the List-Unsubscribe header will be included. This header is included by default, because it is the most useful header. If you want to remove the List-Unsubscribe header, specify it as a header to be removed. See Remove Headers.

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