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Lyris ODBC Introduction
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Lyris ODBC Introduction
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Lyris ODBC Introduction

We offer an ODBC driver written specifically for the database file format which Lyris uses. This is an extra-cost option. Information about purchasing this driver is available from our sales & pricing web page, at

The database file format which Lyris uses is the FoxPro standard. In theory, one should be able to use one of the free methods for reading this database format. These free methods are:

1) Reading FoxPro files natively from Microsoft Access

2) Using the Microsoft FoxPro ODBC driver

3) Using the Microsoft Visual FoxPro ODBC driver

4) Using the Microsoft Visual FoxPro program

Unfortunately, reality is quite different from theory. We have found numerous bugs in the first three methods. When reading FoxPro files natively from Access, fields are often not visible, and you get a ???? value instead. With the FoxPro driver, views and queries do not return all the results. With the Visual FoxPro driver, Access gives odd error messages, and prevents you from making queries. We've also had reports of odd locking errors. A few people have had some success with these drivers, but most people who try to use them to any extent run into insurmountable problems.

We believe that these problems are caused by Microsoft, and not by Lyris, because the Microsoft Visual FoxPro program has no problems whatsoever reading and writing the Lyris files. Because Visual FoxPro has no problems, we must assume that the other programs are at fault.

You are welcome to try to use the other ODBC drivers, but if you have problems with them, we cannot help you, as we cannot get them to work ourselves.

For this reason, we sell a Lyris ODBC driver written specifically for our file format, using the same database libraries we use, and we know this driver works.

The Lyris ODBC driver only works from Microsoft Windows, but can read files on other file systems, such as on a mounted network drive of a Lyris system running on Solaris.

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