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Lyris forwards to Sendmail
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Lyris forwards to Sendmail
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Lyris forwards to Sendmail

Move sendmail to an alternate port, and inform Lyris to forward non-Lyris bound mail to sendmail.

The advantage of this approach is that it is very easy to implement. The disadvantage is that it establishes a dependency of sendmail on Lyris, so it is less reliable.

Please note that we do not recommend that you use Lyris as a general purpose mail relay host for relaying outbound mail to the Internet. Lyris is not optimized for this use, and Lyris' ability to act as a "virtual server" can make successful relaying complicated. If you need a relay host on your machine, we recommend that you run sendmail and Lyris on separate TCP/IP addresses, or configure sendmail to forward to Lyris, leaving sendmail on port 25.

To move sendmail to another port, such as port 26, add this line to your /etc/mail/ file:


This option is explained in the "Options" chapter of the O'Reilly sendmail book.

You can then install Lyris. Once you have installed Lyris, you need to tell Lyris to forward non-Lyris mail to sendmail. You can do this from the web interface "Server configuration" page, or with the "forward" command line parameter. For example:

    lyris forward 26

Lyris will validate your forward rule and reply with "Checking forwarding rule: 26" and then "Successfully updated forwarding rule." This example forwarding command tells Lyris to forward non-Lyris mail to port 26 on the local machine ("localhost"). If no SMTP server is running on that TCP/IP / port combination, Lyris will not save your forwarding rule.

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