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Mailing List Information
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Mailing List Information

The following commands are equivalent and will return general information about a given mailing list:

    review listname
    stats listname

When sent to the listname-request address, the command syntax is:


To obtain a listing of the mailing lists running on a single Lyris Site, using the lists command:


By default, the review command will only return basic information about a mailing list. However, the list administrator can decide to have the review command return a list of members as well. If you are a list administrator, see Security of Member List for information about this.

Also, the list administrator may decide to not allow non-members to view the basic information that the review command provides. If the list administrator does this, the review command will reply with a message indicating that this information is not available. If you are a list administrator, see Allow Info for information about this.

If the review command is given by an administrator, after the login command, then a full list of the email addresses of the members of the mailing list is also returned. If the list administrator has allowed it, the review command may also return a list of member names and email addresses.

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