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Mailing Lists
Table of Contents
Lyris Email Commands
Web Interface for Users
Server Administrator
Site Administrator
Overview of Site Administrator
Site Admin Menu
Site Info
Mailing Lists
Mailing Lists First Page
Basic Information
List Name
List Description
World-Wide-Web Urls
URL Logo
URL List
Headers and Footers
Message header
Message footer
Digest Header
Digest Footer
Security for Subscribers
Subscription Security
List Password
Restrict Member Options
Ask Subscribers for Name
Ask Subscribers for Password
Allow Joining by Email
Banned Members
Security of List Information
Allow Info
Security of Member List
Confirm Subscribes
Confirm Unsubscribes
Posting Privileges and Moderation
Admin Send
Password Required
Approve Number
Release Days
Release Time
Non-Members Can Post
Reject Email Submissions
Allow Crossposting
Allow Duplicate Posting
Crossposting and Duplicates
Max Posts Per Member
Max Quoting Allowed
Allow Blank Subject
Child List
Daily Message Limit
Message Size Limit
Email Headers
List Subject
From Header
Reply To
To: Header
Remove Headers
Append SMTP headers
Mail From
List-Help Headers
Anonymous Headers
Rewrite Moderated Date: Header
Rewrite Message-Id Header
Archive Days
Archive Number
Save Archives
Archive Searching
Error Mail Handling
Hold Users
Held Notify Interval
Held Notify Days
Held Document
Purge Held
Purge Unconfirmed
Purge Unapproved
Purge Expired
Bounce Reset
Bounce Days
List Keywords
Language #1
Language #2
Contact Person
List Sponsor
Long Description of List
Mailing List Comments
Programming Extensions at the List Level
Run a program before Posting
Run a program after Posting
Miscellaneous List Config Settings
Available as a Newsgroup
Delivery Reports
Limits (changeable only by site admin)
Maximum Members
Site Documents
Site Action Phrases
Site People
Site Admin Log
List Administrator
Other Topics
Add-On Packages
Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a set of people who receive electronic mail as a group. Depending on what the goal of the group is, the features needed for the mailing list to work effectively will differ. For instance, a different set of features is needed if the group wishes to discuss an issue to come to a consensus, as opposed to a group who all receive announcements of new classical music recordings.


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